How Can I Tell If I Am Dating A Married Man? – Sure Fire Signs To Know For Sure

“How can I tell if I am dating a married man?” This is a question on a lot of women’s minds nowadays. The obvious answer to this pondering question? Ask him. This is actually the first thing that should be asked outright before you agree to a first date. I know, I know, you are saying, “he could just tell me he isn’t married when he actually is.” This is very true. He could lie right to your face, however, don’t fret! Lies have a way of coming to a head before long. He can’t keep up the lie for long before you will catch on or catch him right in one of those lies.


If you choose not to want to take this route of waiting and hoping he told you the truth, you can always perform a background check on him. Get to know his friends and co-workers. They are likely to know if he is married and usually you can find out for sure this way. Normally you don’t even need to come straight out and ask them. It will usually come up in normal conversation. Ask casual questions and you can get the information that you desire without making it sound like you are performing an inquisition. Be involved in his life and history. Ask questions about his family and his interests. Does he has brothers and sisters? Don’t feel like you can’t ask questions. If you are planning on dating someone and they are truly wanting to date you, they won’t mind answering these simple questions. How else can a relationship blossom without communication?

Keep your eyes and ears open. Be aware of how he acts. Men who are married usually have different, question raising behaviors. Maybe he is adamant on the times you two can see each other and unbendable on changing that time. Does he only call you at certain times? Does he only accept your calls at certain times through the day even though he is not at work? A man that is single will usually be willing to bend times of seeing you and be up to accepting calls and making them at anytime of the day. He won’t make excuses not to talk to you. If he is really into you and wants to date you, he does want to talk to you!

Glance at his ring finger. Even when a wedding ring is not on that finger, signs of it usually being there can be seen. Many times a wedding ring will leave an imprint or a white area where the rest of the finger is tanned. If he wears his wedding ring at every other time of the day except when he is with you, you will know.

If you still have indecisive thoughts on if he is married or not, you can always search the marriage records to see if one exists for him. It is a fairly simple process and can be done today. Don’t live with those nagging doubts. Find out for sure and not get your heart broken.


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