Is He Married – Swinging And Age Differences

It may surprise you to learn that in this lifestyle woman rule all. However the women come to the lifestyle, once they are there, they find it liberating!

They can give up worrying that they aren’t slim enough, they aren’t pretty enough, they’re not young enough, or they’re not sexy enough. They can give up apologizing for their desires, their likes, or their dislikes. They can stop being a ‘good girl’. They can give modesty a rest. They can live out their fantasies to their heart’s content. Bisexuality is not required. But there are ground rules. Whatever you and your husband decide those rules are – each party must abide by them until those rules are changed by mutual negotiation. If you are at all jealous, you’ll have to get over it. If
you cannot trust your husband, or he you, or if either of you doubts the strength of your bond, this is not the lifestyle for you. Either you give up the lifestyle
together or you sever the relationship.
The wives are the ones who decide if anyone is going to play with anyone else. Once again, the ladies control the action. You can relax, look around, and make your decision as you will. No one will question you.

Age Differences
Younger men with older women or older men with younger women; both kinds of relationships will come under society’s fire because society does not like even the appearance of exploitation. If you both can handle the stress then go for it so long as you both are ‘legal’.

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